Mittagskinder Foundation

A warm meal does not only feed the hungry.


Help for traumatized children.

Die Seenotretter

John & John are committed to Die Seenotretter.

2015, Red Dot Award, Winner

The quality seal for good design: TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES Everyday Tea is awarded with the Red Dot!


Exciting MONBANA workshop at Market Grounds!

2015, iF Packaging Design Award, Winner

The TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVE tea lines are the winners of this year’s iF Packaging Design Awards, 2015.


Our Distribution department is divided into the National Distribution and Export areas. You can see below, how the departments are set up in detail and what distinguishes them.


At present, we already import products from more than 43 countries. The focus of our competent Export department lies in the global distribution of our three own brands, TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES (highest-quality tea), One&Only (delicious beverage specialities, such as smoothies and drinking chocolates) and John & John (handcooked potato crisps). All three brands stand for exclusive enjoyment and entice the customer/consumer into unique brand worlds. In a similar way to how we act as a professional distribution partner for products in Germany, we are also always on the search for successful cooperations and expanded distribution networks for our brands abroad. If we have been able to interest you in our products, please feel free to contact us.


“Service desert Germany”? Not with us: At Market Grounds, you only encounter salespersons in the classic sense, but also trained advisors, who do everything to meet your requirements. This means, informing you and providing you with what you really need, instead of focussing on indirect sales as the main interest. The aim is a long-term cooperation, from which both sides profit equally. With us, you have your personal contact, who knows your requirements and can provide you with appropriate offers.

However, as we not only distribute our own products at Market Grounds, but live much more from the variety and exclusivity of diverse brands, we are always on the search for trendy product concepts, which we include in our product range, subject to a positive assessment. The product scouting runs in both directions, on the one hand, we are constantly on the search for new trends on the global market and on the other hand, manufacturers and exporters approach us, in order to profit from our comprehensive and successful distribution network. Therefore, it you intend to distribute a unique product in Germany, please feel free to contact us. Perhaps you already carry a successful brand in your product range, which you would like to source through us or you have discovered a promising product, which would complement our product range well - then don’t hesitate and let us know your suggestions. We look forward to your inspirations.



Convince yourself about our diverse product range, our own brands and third-party brands.

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Our own brands are the result of many years of experience and competence.

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