Mittagskinder Foundation

A warm meal does not only feed the hungry.


Help for traumatized children.

Die Seenotretter

John & John are committed to Die Seenotretter.

2015, Red Dot Award, Winner

The quality seal for good design: TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES Everyday Tea is awarded with the Red Dot!


Exciting MONBANA workshop at Market Grounds!

2015, iF Packaging Design Award, Winner

The TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVE tea lines are the winners of this year’s iF Packaging Design Awards, 2015.


Do you have a question? Contact us! Or have a look through the FAQs, perhaps you will already find the appropriate answer here.

I am not a Market Grounds customer yet, but would like to become one. How should I best proceed?

The prerequisite for becoming a customer of Market Grounds is a trading licence. This way, we can accept you as a new customer without any problem. Simply contact us.

I am a consumer and would like to acquire your products in retail shops. Where is that possible?

This always depends on the respective product. For example, you can find our John & John crisps, in well-stocked EDEKA supermarkets. Simply contact us and we will give you a targeted retailer recommendation for the respective product.

I am already a Market Grounds customer and require price information. Where can I find the current prices?

Our current prices cannot be found on our website, but are exclusively available from your customer account manager. Simply contact him/her or contact our head office.

Where can I find your current catalogue (TASTE or TREND)?

The latest TASTE, as well as the latest TREND, can be found directly here on the website. Simply look under the Catalogues navigation point.

I have purchased products from you and would now like to implement efficient marketing measures for these. Where can I find targeted support?

Various marketing materials are already available here on the website under downloads. For all measures over and above this, simply contact us, we are open to your ideas and will be pleased to assist you.

I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Where can I subscribe?

The subscription ish reserved for traders and is possible directly here on the website. After completing the mandatory information under receive the newsletter, you will be sent a confirmation link. Simply click and soon you will not miss any more news or discount promotions.

I am a press representative and would like to use your press releases. Where can I find these?

You can find our latest press releases for our own brands here on the website under Press releases. For all other press releases please contact us and we will send you the requested information immediately.

At which trade fairs can I meet with Market Grounds?

Market Grounds attends various trade fairs in Germany and abroad every year. For example, we are always at the Internorga. You can find out about our other trade fair dates under Trade fairs.

I am interested in Market Grounds as an employer. Which job vacancies are you currently advertising?

Whether it is distribution, marketing, purchasing or something completely different - Market Grounds is always interested in motivated employees. You can find our current job advertisements here.