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2015, Red Dot Award, Winner

The quality seal for good design: TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES Everyday Tea is awarded with the Red Dot!


Exciting MONBANA workshop at Market Grounds!

2015, iF Packaging Design Award, Winner

The TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVE tea lines are the winners of this year’s iF Packaging Design Awards, 2015.


The special feature of TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES is the uniqueness that distinguishes each variety. Each composition of the selection (homogeneous selection), blend (mixtures) and herbal (herb/fruit teas) choice is convincing with a combination of classic favourite ingredients and unusual delicacies. The experienced TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES tea testers ensure that ingredients and flavours are with a great deal of flair. Their ambition is to give every tea a distinctive character. They are committed to this with all of their gathered knowledge and passion.

The handwriting of Kai Ellerbrock is clearly shown in this quality philosophy. His grandfathers already revolutionised the world of teas from 1879. Over decades, the family showed pioneering spirit and was the first to climb to the top worldwide with the development and marketing of decaffeinated, flavoured and instant teas.

Kai Ellerbrock is continuing the obligatory high standards of his family with TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES. His passion for tea and his pronounced expertise distinguish a true premium tea brand. It combines the keen sense of refinement with the highest quality standard and unmistakable passion.

The latest results of this passion are two new top-class tea lines. Since the beginning of December 2014, Market Grounds has extended its already-extensive range of teas with Everyday Tea, a modern line with eight different varieties in stylish packaging design for any time of day and any occasion, as well as Organic Tea, a line comprised of eight organic-certified flavours, with a design that is just as imposing. Both lines have already been honoured with the iF Design Award 2015, as well as Everyday Tea additionally with the Red Dot Award 2015.

During the course of the lived tea tradition, combined with a passion for the unusual, TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES has introduced a completely new beverage segment: TEshot Rooibos. TEshot Rooibos combines the benefits from the world of tea and the world of coffee. It offers a full-bodied and caffeine-free Rooibos tea with characteristic hints of honey and vanilla and a fantastic crema, which can be prepared as quickly and easily as an espresso. The Rooibos blend has been specifically composed for use in a filter holder. But TEshot Rooibos can not only be enjoyed pure as a caffeine-free alternative to espresso: Even as a cappuccino or with juices over ice, its strong aromatic flavour profile ensures innovative and special moments of enjoyment! Additional information and recipe ideas for TEshot Rooibos can be found here.

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The special feature of TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES is the uniqueness that distinguishes each variety.


According to legend, the original brand was created in an English pub.


Great taste and a brand that (nearly) covers all requirements of a catering establishment in the hot and cold beverage sector.


Whether it is single-walled or double-walled, white or brown, non-printed, individually decorated or applied with our stylish design - our Smart Packaging line is convincing with a wide selection!


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