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A warm meal does not only feed the hungry.


Help for traumatized children.

Die Seenotretter

John & John are committed to Die Seenotretter.

2015, Red Dot Award, Winner

The quality seal for good design: TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES Everyday Tea is awarded with the Red Dot!


Exciting MONBANA workshop at Market Grounds!

2015, iF Packaging Design Award, Winner

The TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVE tea lines are the winners of this year’s iF Packaging Design Awards, 2015.


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Geheimtipp Hamburg (Kopie)

Geheimtipp Hamburg

RD: 05.05.2017
Issue: -
Brand: John & John

InfoRestauración (Kopie)


RD: 05.05.2017
Brand: One&Only

Instagram Mia.Mirabelle (Kopie)

Instagram Mia.Mirabelle

RD: 10.05.2017
Issue: -
Brand: Fulfil

SG Magazin (Kopie)

SG Magazin

ET: 02.05.2017
Ausgabe: 05
Seite 45: Baru

AWO Journal (Kopie)

AWO Journal

RD: 10.04.2017
Issue: 02
Page 28: TE

Frist class (Kopie)

first class

RD: 11.04.2017
Issue: 04
Page 39: TE

your foodmarket (Kopie)

your foodmarket

RD: 19.03.2017
Issue: -
Brand: One&Only

Cafe-Future.Net E.T.: 03.03.2017 (Kopie)


RD: 03.03.2017
Issue: KW 10/17 - 1
Brand: One&Only